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May 09 2014


6 Props You'll Want To Use In Your Workout

Rope Here are 5 we cant wait to try: The Ugi Ball A relative newcomer to the fitness world, click here! the Ugi ball is used as a kind of blend between a medicine ball and a physio ball, and is a great tool for a full-body workout. Its used as part of a 30-minute routine combining strength, cardio, and core training. Rowing Machines Rowing machines certainly arent a new invention, but Shin Ohtake they are fairly new to the mainstream fitness world. Nowadays, you can find a rowing class almost everywhere, which is good news for anyone looking for a low-impact, full-body workout. Zumba Step Looking like a relic from aerobics classes of years past, the Zumba Step ramps up Max Workouts the cardio element to a Zumba class. By moving off and on the step in addition to dancing to the music, youll be adding strength to your legs and glutes. Drumsticks A 45-minute workout that can burn up to 900 calories!? It sounds almost too good to be true, but its what you can get from some workouts featuring the use of drumsticks.
More http://www.dietsinreview.com/diet_column/05/hot-fitness-trends-for-summer-2014-6-props-your-workout-is-missing/

March 25 2014


San Mass Effect ? Muscle Mass Building Supplement

SAN Mass Effect ? Muscle Mass Building Supplement Every aspect of the supplement is carefully engineered to ensure that you do not suffer from side effects. A large number of famous athletes and body builders are using the SAN, Mass Effect have reported no side effects and recommend it to others who are about to use the supplement. The product max workouts also contains traces of electrolytes like calcium, magnesium, potassium, water and chloride. They help webpage in keeping the muscles hydrated in order to ensure that muscles do not suffer from problem of fatigue and or muscle breakdown. It also raises the level of energy in the body so that you can endure training for a longer period of time. In markets, you will find various supplements in the markets but none of them have capability to provide as effective results as provide by SAN Mass Effect .
Read more: http://www.international.to/index.php?option=com_content&id=57608:san-mass-effect-?-muscle-mass-building-supplement&Itemid=531

February 15 2014


Here Is Your Black History Month Workout

Do these Jackie Robinsons. And for more abdominal work, try the House Cleaners/Childrearers , in which, on your hands and knees, you simulate scrubbing the floor. Here's what Winslow and Walton wrote about the fitness video: The fitness Legacy Workout is dedicated to the memory of bodies of work. Of bodies at work. And at play. Of minds committed to mining greatness, to combating injustice, Shin Ohtake workouts to insuring a future for future bodies, and minds. The Legacy Workout is dedicated to legacy makers past, present and future.
More http://www.theroot.com/blogs/the_grapevine/2014/02/legacy_workout_on_tumblr_is.html

January 30 2014


Ntt Docomo Reveals Smart Clothing, Fitness Band In Healthcare Push

We want to provide our healthcare services through wearables, said NTT DoCoMo spokesperson Jun Ootori. We are aiming to expand into nursing care as well as expand our current healthcare-related services portfolio with the data collected through the devices. The clothing could work in conjunction with health-monitoring apps on DoCoMo phones such as i Bodymo, a paid service that has functions like an automatic step counter, exercise tracker, and calorie counter. Hitoe follows the launch on Wednesday of Move Band, a 9,576 (US$93) fitness tracker DoCoMo worked on in conjunction with Toshiba. The 22-gram water-resistant wristband links to Android or iOS smartphones via Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0, transmitting data that it collects on time spent walking, number of steps, calories burned, and sleeping time. Medical tech is one of DoCoMos eight new revenue fields. In its January 2013 newsletter, the carrier targets sales of http://nevastory.sweetcircles.com/2013/11/25/24-hour-fitness-offers-complimentary-workouts-for-thanksgiving/ 10 billion from healthcare support services by fiscal 2016. In July 2012, the carrier set up DoCoMo Healthcare with Omron Healthcare, a Shin Ohtake major Japanese manufacturer of digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and other health products. The new companys mission is to provide healthcare support services such as visualizing and managing health visit homepage data. Last year, DoCoMo Healthcare launched two services aimed at linking health info with smartphones.
Source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2093060/ntt-docomo-reveals-smart-clothing-fitness-band-in-healthcare-push.html

January 21 2014


John Fox: Wes Welker's Had No Ill 'intent' With Hit

hyperlink Updated: Jan. 20, 2014 at 06:36 p.m. Friend(s) Email After Patriots coach Bill Belichick singled out the Denver slot receiver for a "deliberate" hit on New England cornerback Aqib Talib , Fox said the Broncos "were not doing anything with intent." Fox told reporters that he hadn't even heard the comments from Belichick, who railed against Welker's vicious block on Talib as "one of the worst plays I've seen" and a "deliberate play by the receiver to take out Aqib. No attempt to get open." "I would say that most pass routes we run, there's an intent to get open," Fox said with a smile. FedEx Air & Ground Players of Year Peyton Manning set new NFL single-season records for passing yards (5,477) and touchdowns (55). Was it the best performance for a quarterback in 2013? VOTE NOW FoxSports.com's Mike Garafolo noted that Denver's coach suggested that New England also Max Workout used its own receivers to create traffic over the middle of the field. The Patriots did, indeed, run a nearly identical play in the first quarter with wideout Julian Edelman delivering a hit that rattled Broncos cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie . We argued Sunday that Welker should have been called for pass interference, but officials viewed the scenario as a judgment call over whether contact between Welker and Talib occurred as the ball was being touched by Broncos wideout Demaryius Thomas .
Source: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000315773/article/john-fox-wes-welkers-had-no-ill-intent-with-hit

January 10 2014


Doctor Pulls Inch-long Cockroach From Man's Ear After It Burrowed In While He Slept And He Failed To Suck It Out With A Vacuum Cleaner

Disturbing: The cockroach burrowed into Mr Helmer It even defied Mr Helmers vacuum their website cleaner. Disturbing: The cockroach burrowed into Mr Helmer's ear while he slept (file picture) The situation sucked: The cockroach even resisted Mr Helmer's vacuum cleaner (file picture) Mr Helmer was alerted to the presence of the unwanted tenant by a sharp pain in his ear, which woke him up. 'It keeps me on my toes': Diver who swims with sharks reveals how his fear makes encounters so unpredictable because they can detect his racing heart beat He told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that his initial worry was that a poisonous spider of which there are many down under had burrowed its way into his ear canal. The pain rapidly got worse so Mr Helmer tried to suck out the critter with a vacuum cleaner. When that failed to work his flatmate decided that it http://todaynewsflash.blogspot.com/2013/10/max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth.html would be best to seek medical help. The doctors initial strategy, thinking the insect was small, was to put olive click oil down the ear, but that only made matters worse.
More: http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/news/article-2537239/Doctor-Australia-pulls-inch-long-cockroach-mans-ear.html


Whites More Likely To Undergo Weight-loss Surgery: Study

"What we found is that a significant reason that more African Americans have not considered weight-loss surgery is that obesity has not diminished their quality of life as much as it has diminished quality of life for Caucasians," Wee said in the news release. The researchers also found that just as many blacks as whites said they would consider weight-loss surgery if their doctor recommended it, but doctors were less likely to recommend the surgery for black patients. That may be because black patients are less likely to feel that obesity affects their quality of life, so they're less likely to express such concerns to their doctor, Wee explained. "Quality of life is clearly a very important motivator to patients with obesity. And what this http://solumwebsite.beeplog.com/292164.xml study shows is that those quality-of-life differences across race are so important that they may http://www.sese133.com/this-specific-training-program-is-really-will-make-some-of-anyone/ actually drive decision-making in a way that creates racial differences in how people think about undergoing treatment," she said. "It speaks to the importance of thinking about the whole patient, factoring in personal values and facilitating individualized decision-making," Wee added.
Read more: http://www.newsday.com/news/health/whites-more-likely-to-undergo-weight-loss-surgery-study-1.6758088

January 06 2014


New N.j. Assembly Speaker, A Former Bodybuilder, Promises To Flex Political Muscle

The big unknown is how hell get along with Christie, who often butted heads with Oliver. Up to now, theyve had little interaction. Prieto has several public jobs. In addition to his $49,000 salary as an assemblyman, which will increase to $65,000 as speaker, download he makes $128,000 for his full-time job as Secaucus code official and $29,000 as Guttenbergs part-time code official. His wife, Marlene, was hired in 2012 as a grant coordinator for Secaucus at a salary of $35,000. Prieto, who takes health benefits from his job in Secaucus, said he saves the state money because he does not accept the Legislatures health view website insurance.
Full story http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/01/new_speaker_a_former_bodybuilder_promises_assembly_will_be_heard.html

December 10 2013


Bigger Breasts, Lack Of Exercise Tied To Breast Cancer Mortality

Although the study found a link between meeting exercise guidelines and lower risk of dying of breast cancer, it http://www.fiaseet.com/this-kind-of-exercise-routine-is-absolutely-going-to-make-some-of-you-actually.html did not establish a cause-and-effect relationship. Because previous research has produced mixed results about larger breast size and breast cancer death risk, with some studies showing a link and others not, Williams also looked at that. "We saw a strong relationship," he said. He found that those women with a C cup had four times the risk of breast cancer death compared to those click here with an A cup. Those with a D cup or larger had nearly five times the risk of the A-cup women. Again, the study found an association but not a cause-and-effect relationship between cup size and risk of breast cancer death.
Full story: http://www.philly.com/philly/health/topics/HealthDay682861_20131209_Bigger_Breasts__Lack_of_Exercise_Tied_to_Breast_Cancer_Mortality.html

December 02 2013


Fighters Only And Bodybuilding.com Announce Exclusive Print Partnership With The Launch Of Train Magazine

view style='float:left;padding:5px' /> The publication LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Fighters Only Ltd and Bodybuilding.com announced today an exclusive print and distribution partnership to produce a new dedicated fitness magazine entitled TRAIN. The magazine will be produced every four weeks (13 times a year) and will give readers the opportunity to digest the best fitness and nutritional advice from the industrys leading experts. visit site TRAIN Magazine will be available via subscription, on newsstands at all major retailers, and on digital formats through the iTunes and Kindle platforms. To show appreciation to the valued Bodybuilding.com customer, a complimentary issue of TRAIN Magazine will be included in outgoing orders each month. TRAIN Magazine will be a legitimate fitness title, said Rob Hewitt, owner and CEO of Fighters Only Ltd and the publisher of TRAIN Magazine. We want to give the best practical content possible, using the worlds leading experts and deliver it in a tangible format that can help expand on the reach and service of the Bodybuilding.com website.
Full story: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/fighters-only-bodybuilding-com-announce-160200016.html

November 19 2013


The Best Muscle-building Drinks After A Workout

workout /> You Might Also Like Vitamins & Herbs That Help You Gain Weight workouts & Muscle Mass Whey Protein The best muscle-building drinks for post-workout use will contain whey protein as a primary ingredient. Whey protein is a high-protein ingredient that is derived from cheese. Whey protein is beneficial for use after exercise because it is absorbed quickly by your body. The quick absorption may enhance recovery and growth; a study from the January 2010 issue of the "Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport" found that consuming whey protein improved recovery after workouts and promoted increased strength in subsequent workouts. Carbohydrates While carbohydrates are often neglected on weight loss plans, you should consume ample visit site carbohydrates when attempting to build muscle. Carbohydrates can help refuel your muscles after workouts, which is why they are a primary ingredient in the best muscle-building drinks. According to research from the October 2010 issue of "Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism," combining carbohydrates and protein increases protein turnover, which drives muscle growth. Leucine Leucine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is present in the best muscle-building supplement drinks because of its ability to drive anabolism, or muscle growth.
Full story: http://www.livestrong.com/article/417638-the-best-muscle-building-drinks-after-a-workout/

November 16 2013


Ksat Defenders Investigate Officer Fitness

Full story: http://www.ksat.com/news/defenders/ksat-defenders-investigate-officer-fitness/-/478436/22990608/-/2c7cvx/-/index.html

November 10 2013


Farrah Abraham Says Bethenny Frankel Is "against Women" And "rude"

Farrah Abraham Goes Public With New Rumored Boyfriend, DJ Brian Dawe

Farrah Abraham kisses rumored boyfriend Brian Dawe in Orlando, Florida on Oct. 18, 2013. It was rude and I felt Bethenny siding with these women and their untrue statements. Even though Frankel came to Abraham's defense during the show, the adult film star had nothing but nasty things to say about the former Real Housewives of New York City star. During the show, she brought up my sex toy line and tried to encourage the audience to not buy my line because Im a Teen Mom and thats all I will ever be.' Overall, Bethenny seems to be in a dark place in her life and it was shocking to see how against women she really is. I hope she comes to better terms with herself so she can be a better mother, move on from her divorce and be a better television host. I wish her all the best in her future and her career. This was very rude as my life has moved on from all of this, plus, it made no sense at all being the first release of the sex toys are for men not women. Perhaps her ex-husband Jason will be purchasing my sex toys not women like Bethenny. Today, Abraham promoted her appearance on Twitter: " #tuneIn today @bethennyTV time to talk!
More http://www.celebuzz.com/2013-10-28/farrah-abraham-says-bethenny-frankel-is-against-women-and-rude/

Scott Disick 18, 2013. Credit: PacificCoastNews.com After showing off all of herself in the porn flick, Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham seems to be ready to settle down and tame her party girl ways. The former Teen Mom star took her rumored relationship with DJ Brian Dawe public on Oct. 18. PHOTOS: Farrah Abraham's webblog bikini body The duo was all over each other as they walked around Orlando, Florida smooching, holding hands, and sharing a candlelit dinner. According to The Daily Mail , Abraham, 22, has been dating Dawe for five months. In the new photos of their Farrah Abraham outing, the porn star is more covered up than we've seen her in months.
More http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/farrah-abraham-new-rumored-boyfriend-dj-brian-dawe-20132210

Bethenny Frankel Accuses Farrah Abraham Of Using Her To Extend Her 15 Minutes Of Fame!

Is Bethenny Frankel?s Talk Show Audience Complaining About Her ?Cold? Demeanor? CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE! "So the minute that they leave they start leaking press items to make it live longer, because that's what their brand is, being controversial and continuing to do that," Bethenny added."It's really the people that are known for being controversial, there's a reason for it, and they leave and they kind of plant seeds so they will browse grow to make it 15 or 16 minutes." I think Bethenny actually wrote the manual of using controversy to much over-extend one's 15 minutes of fame. In fact exempting a sex tape Farrah is practically her protege! REPORT: BETHENNY'S TALK SHOW IS BOMBING? Bethenny admits she isn't bothered by Farrah's"attacks" because it works both ways! Meaning she gets some publicityout of the deal as well!"It's OK.
More http://www.realitytea.com/2013/11/08/bethenny-frankel-accuses-farrah-abraham-of-using-her-to-extend-her-15-minutes-of-fame/

November 08 2013


Kourtney Kardashian On The Trend She's So Over, The One Beauty Move She's Hopeless At, And If She's Planning To Join Kim In The Blond Club

Khloe Kardashian Reveals Lamar Odom Has "Emotional Issues," Needs Help on Keeping Up With the Kardashians

It's just stringy and it's like a hot mess." The one makeup move she's really mastered: "I'm pretty good at doing liquid liner myself. I feel like my mom taught me that when I was younger. Like in eighth grade we started wearing liquid liner so I've kind of mastered that. I think it's about the applicator. That's why I love the Deeply Felt that we have because it's like that pencil where you're drawing it on--you know that shape?
Full story: http://shine.yahoo.com/shine-beauty/kourtney-kardashian-trend-shes-over-one-beauty-move-184300000.html

Getty Images "You're not my child, I can't lock you in a room." PHOTOS: Khloe Kardashian's style transformation But Kardashian also admitted on the show, "It's really scary when nothing's really working and you know if you give up, no one in his life would be able to help." During a Twitter rant on Sept. 24, Odom slammed his "absent" father Joe Odom for criticizing the Kardashians. "He wasn't there 2 raise me. He was absent ALL of my life due to his own demons," the athlete tweeted about his father. "My mother and grandmother raised me.
Full story: http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/khloe-kardashian-reveals-lamar-odom-has-emotional-issues-needs-help-on-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-2013411

Kourtney Kardashian Shares Her 5-Minute Mommy Makeup Routine

"When I'm just with the kids and no work, and just in full mommy mode, I have my five-minute makeup routine," she revealed to E! News when asked how it is that she always looks so pulled together. "It's just tinted moisturizer, our bronzer and some mascara," Kourtney said, referring to Kardashian Glow Bronzer, one of many products in the Kollection's arsenal. "It's super fast," she explained her strategy, which allows for her to multitask.
Full story: http://www.eonline.com/news/478372/kourtney-kardashian-shares-her-5-minute-mommy-makeup-routine

October 27 2013


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